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Photos from Long's Peak hike

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Class in Boston is covering topics that are less interesting for me. I've therefore used the time to upload my photos from the Long's Peak hike.


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13 miles round trip, up and down 3,710 feet - well above the tree line, to a spectacular view on two sides of Long's Peak. We didn't make it to the summit this time. i got spooked with my pack and the narrow conditions, and extra weight in my pack caused my knees to hurt. We were within 1000 vertical feet of the summit, but I didn't feel like I could get to the peak and back to the car without being totally fatigued. it was horribly disappointing, as I really wanted to get up there. I'm tired as all get-out tonight, but it was a terrific hike.

Off to Boston tomorrow.

Twelve hours prior to ascension..

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I called the park rangers.. Estes Park is going to have highs in the 80s, lows in 45.. driving by the mountains on the way to Fort Collins, I could see there was some snow on neighboring peaks. The keyhole route is dry to the summit! My dutch friend is thinking he's going to wear shorts. With the high pressure and warm conditions, it's probably going to be a macy's day parade of people heading to the peak. We're about to do an inventory and run to REI here in fort collins, then take an ambien and crash for the 1:30am wakeup call.

Nereid Day & Because it's there.

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After a few weeks working at home on the Boeing project, I flew myself to Denver to catch up with the rest of my small consulting team for "Nereid Day".

There was lots of catching up with people that I've worked with 5 years ago, and tons of fun with the newcomers. Of about 10 full-timers, 7 of us were together back in the day. Its great being back with people you like, and seeing them just as witty and sharp. We had a suite at Coors field to see the Rockies lose to the Cardinals, then some indoor sky diving. The skydiving was a rush. It really was a fantastic feeling of freefall, and a thrilling challenge to try to control how you maneuvered in the tunnel. Each of us had a couple of minutes of freefall, and there was a dvd made, so there will have ot be a little youtube clip at some point. Dinner was back at the boss's house in downtown Denver, and went well into the night, although I bailed at around midnight.

Today I'm doing billable work for Boeing still, just in Denver.

The other reason for being in Denver is to do my first big hike in the Rockies, in preparation for the Nepal trip later in the year. I've borrowed a lot of 'go lite' gear from my next door neighbor, gotten some boots from REI, and will try to take on Long's Peak.

The hike round trip will be about 15 miles, and goes up about 5,000 feet in elevation from the Ranger Station at 9,200 feet. One of my Nereid colleagues, Marco, is the instigator of this. He had tried to get more of the Nereidians to go on the hike, but one by one they backed out until I'm the last one with him. We're going to start the hike at 3am on Saturday morning, so that we're off the peak before any storms roll in after noon. I'm a bit nervous only about the 'scramble' near the top of the mountain to get to the summit. While i'm in pretty good shape, climbing with a pack using both hands as well as feet is not anything I've been able to train for. Sometimes I just hate not being able to say no to a challenge.

After the hike on Saturday, I fly Sunday to Boston for some training and recovery.

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