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And it all changes.

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Travel seems like an escape sometimes, but real life can roll right back in front in an instant. The rest of the week in NYC with my two friends, and the 3-day weekend for the Memorial Day holiday went by in a flash. Hotel room overlooking Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State building as night fell and the lights came on, authentic Czech food in Queens, Salt Lick, a backyard grill party, watching the bats leave Congress bridge, sleeping in, a champagne breakfast, twice, and suddenly I'm back in Manhattan at my desk.

Franz's friends message me with word for him to call them urgently. His dad died in the night. Not much he could do at the moment, he came to NY with me this morning with the knowledge that he was going home from NY today, and in fact he's on the plane to Germany right now. It certainly put him in a different frame of mind, and me as well. I'm fortunate that I haven't lost anyone while I have been on the road, but that might not always be the case. We got to the airport early and checked him in, then split a bottle of wine. "In vino, veritas" is the saying, right? He had lots to say, and is pretty concerned about his mother in Vienna. He was planning to visit here in the summer again, but things there will take precedence there. I hate thinking that he had the visit ending on a note like this, and told him so, but he said it was a good trip all considered. It was a good trip, especially if it helped give him strength to wrangle with the reality suddenly facing him.

New York drive-by

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Franz came in for a visit to the states this week. He's here in NYC and sprung for a helicopter tour of the city today for lunch. Video to follow. Made a nice bookend to flying down the Hudson in a small plane with coworkers in 2000. What a rush.

Cellphone got lost in a cab. No one try calling me right now. Lost numbers mostly, and with about 40 days left before I can take my number to a reasonably priced carrier without a penalty. That's not a rush.

Staying in the Hilton Millenium right next to my office. 43rd floor with a corner view toward midtown. Photos to follow. What a rush.

Customer is increasingly silly, in that I'm spending more time negotiating how much work to do, than it would take to do it. The meter is running, however.

Hotel Swank

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At the Paramount, I finally got a room with the Girl with the Pearl Earring to watch over me. Its not creepy, its quite swanky in fact.

Software hasn't cooperated, so it hasn't been a fun week so far. I have done nothing interesting to speak of, other than handle work and a few home details. Whee!

Making a mother's day

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Charles and I had something up our sleeves when we took my mom out for lunch for Mother's day. We'd spent the morning talking about our travel plans for the year, which are pretty extensive, if I do say so myself. Charles primed her later, saying, "Well c'mon Diane, we'll show him, we can take a great trip to Pflugerville."

I had to 'take a phone call' to run out to the car to get her gift, and when I finally got to present it to her, she was a bit leery of the whole thing. Charles got it on the camera as she opened it up and she comprehended what it all was. I had found a tourist book of Munich, and put her ticket to go with me to Oktoberfest in the book. Needless to say, she was thrilled at the discovery, and I'm more excited about that trip now as well. The video is below, and if you can stand some of the cheese factor, the 'oh shit' moment on her face is priceless.

The video (long download)


These dirty socks and legs belong to Ethan Hawke who was coming home to Austin for mother's day. He sat in the row in front of me and read a script. He wasn't very entertaining, and I think he drooled on the armrest.

So what'd you do for lunch today?

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You: Hey David, what'd you do for lunch?

Me: I saw the start of the New York to Portsmouth leg (7) of the Volvo Ocean Race and had a salad.

You: WTF?

A Good PostSecret

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After I left Motive, I didn't prune my Yahoo chat list of all my former coworkers, nor did I go 'invisible' to them, or anything like that. I'm still around, as are they, and occasionally I check out their status messages, and vice-versa. Something to do while waiting on a printer or a compile or an install. One of my favorites is a project manager that hangs out DFWM when a customer is giving him problems: "Don't Fuck With Me".

Tim M., an American that worked with me in Germany (he produces excellent code-fu), who lives in Barcelona, and is assigned to a project in Bangkok through October, had such a status message this morning. Some made up acronym of some sort, which he explained in chat pretty readily; something about a customer pretending to know something he didn't. After the explaination, a little small talk was in order, and I mentioned I was in NYC.

Tim: You're kidding. New York City.
Me: Yeah, lower Manahattan.
Tim: No way.. seriously?
Me: On Broadway.
Tim: Dude, I'm in Brooklyn.
Me: WTF?!?
Tim: Yeah, I don't have to be in Bangkok till Sunday, so I'm here seeing this girl.

I should have known.

It took a bit of convincing to get him to venture out of Brooklyn, onto the subway and into town, but as shown above, he made it in short order. We had a great lunch, catching up on some of the drama of the EMEA team: divorces, escapades, and a little business. Paths cross in strange patterns, and sometimes when and where you least expect it to happen.

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