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New York drive-by

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  • Hotel was swanky, but construction starts at 7am with some kind of concrete drilling that goes on and on for days.

  • Hide and I went to Joe Allen's on 46th and had a sort of celebrity siting. Hide: "Do you know him? He looks familiar". Me: "He does, but I don't know him" Hide:"I'm turning you into the gay mafia for not knowing your actors."

    Turns out from asking our aspiring actor-waiter, Jimmy, it was star of stage and screen, Roscoe Lee Brown
    We didn't get autographs

  • The waiter, Jimmy, was cute and funny.

  • Caught up with ex-Austinite Tom L. for "Porno bingo" at a pub on Ninth Ave. Bingo hosted by a porn star. Gee. Tom was doing well though, and we had a terrific time catching up.

  • Went to dinner at a Czech restaurant in Queens with my coworker on Thursday night. We drank a lot of Czech beer, and had a good time flirting with the waitress and the owner. He was at home speaking Czech, and there was a greek restaurant right next door full of greek men on the patio smoking and drinking Ouzo. I think we need to try that place too, even though its a long haul to Queens.

  • The third car from the front on the inbound 2 or 3 subway is usually the emptiest during the morning rush hour.

  • Disney freaking owns Times Square. ABC studios, the Tarzan musical, the Beauty & Beast musical. They're everywhere.

  • Speaking of everywhere, knocking down tourists between 42nd street and 46th is terrific sport.

  • New Jersey between Newark airport and NYC seems to be a big wetland / swamp.

  • Seeing the sun blast through the canyons of the buildings is a cathartic experience.

  • Walking by the WTC construction site is not really cathartic, nor moving, and I'm perplexed at the tourists that are there taking photos of the crater. New Yorkers seem to have an attitude like its their personal tragedy, and it is certainly, but I think there's a level of pride about it that isn't quite healthy I think.

  • Saint Paul's church with its tulips and sandstone tombstones eroding is quite impressive, and its the building right next to mine.


Super Adventure Club

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My hotel is right next to the Super Adventure Club.


Hide took this last night after dinner.

The city has been quite amusing so far. I've gotten lost a couple of times, and have paid far too much for a beer. $8 for a Hefe-Weizen. Outrageous. The work is even enjoyable, albeit a bit less challenging than the learning curve on the last project.

From the sublime to the ridiculous

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Last week - it was backwater central New York state. Today? A block off Broadway in the heart of the theater district. My headquarters are at the Paramount this week, and the work is being done down in lower Manhattan. This trip has had a couple of firsts. First time I took a transit train in the US, as well as first time for doing the subway here in NYC. So far I've only taken one wrong train that took me in to Brooklyn instead of midtown. Whoops.

Paying attention to the surroundings: stripes are in, as is the wet-bed-head look. I'm missing an overcoat, and my ties aren't shiny enough. Fortunately, the development team I'm working with looks mostly like Austinites - jeans and nice shirts. I think after this week I should be able to travel a little lighter. Tomorrow night am hoping to catch up with Hide for dinner, and maybe some socializing in the east village.

The weekend was spent mostly in Arlington and the DFW area. Chaz helped me install a water filter on my dad's sink and fridge, and we had a good dinner together at his place. We had the best intentions of going out to socialize, but the gravitational force of the couch was strong. I made it back to Austin for Sunday to clean up the yard from the week's storms, and to buy Galveston Dave a beer for his birthday. I've covered a lot of ground, and there's more to come as this project unfolds over the next 5 weeks.

Shamelessly nicked..

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From Billy Abbott in London.


Phat Phuc
He found this in Chelsea, and I find it amusing.

Additional Costs of Home Ownership.

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It's pretty timely that Konstantin has been doing some writing on the issues surrounding buying a house, albeit in London. (and in German).

Of all the 'systems' in the house that are most important, the wastewater system is probably critical, and its no fun when it breaks. Last weekend ours came to a complete standstill. 2 toilets and a shower backed up. On a Saturday morning. Any idea what it costs to have a plumber come use the rooter (Spirale auf Deutsch) on your house on a Saturday? Fortunately, me either.

Charles and I opted for the 'do-it-yourself' solution: a rental-rooter from a store near the house. We went to work on the sewer pipe from the backyard toward the house. It's one of the nastiest jobs related to home ownership there can be, but thankfully its not one we have to do too often. We ground through the blockage, mostly tree roots and paper, and the drains flow freely once more. Rental on the unit: around $20. Water expended on showering off after pulling back the nasty rooter: around $15.

There's not a more satisfying sound related to home ownership than hearing the toilet flush after the mess of cleaning out the other end.

Boom shaka-lakka-lakka BOOM!

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MT upgrade completed on Really today. Things seem to work, but I haven't looked at RSS or atom indexes. (It compiles! Ship it!) There's a new 'trusted commenter' feature, and I've tried adding a few of you, but the DB query isn't returning any trusted commenters, dammit. I've probably got a setting to twiddle somewhere.

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Friday Happy Hour

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A few snaps from a small, but very happy hour gathering under the vines at C.Hunt's Ice House. Philip transitioned out of one role at UT yesterday, and is heading to one where he'll have a parking space and a bit more cash. That's reason enough to get some buckets of beers!

Stop! Hammock Time!

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(With apologies to MC Hammer)

Napping in the hammock under the sun on a warm, verdant afternoon makes a lot of it all worthwhile. The squirrels chased each other through the oaks, and whitewing doves glided to the bath and back. And from the pasty looks of it, I could do with a little bit of sun myself.

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