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I get to carry one of the highest tech computers that came out last year. I get to rent a 2006 car. My mobile phone is probably a throwback at 2 years old. I know my wardrobe could use an update as well.

I'm not that much into old things, but during my evening drives up and down Interstate 81 between Syracuse and Binghamton, I've gotten into the WRVO Playhouse. I've heard Robert Montgomery, Miriam Hopkins, Raymond Burr and tonight was Fibber McGee from 1943. Sure, they were simpler times, but the depth and clarity of expression in these shows never fails to send a shiver down my spine or bring me to chuckling at a pun that could be seen for miles away. The trip goes by all too fast until I get to Cortland and the signal fades. They knew how to spin a tale in those days.

Of course, the irony of writing this as I watch The Matrix on TBS isn't lost on me.

I'm Lost

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Some good Lost material is out there. Of course leading to more and more questions.

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A EULA for any occasion.

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Tell me you can't agree with the EULA for Alertbear, a new streaming RSS reader:

NOTE: No warranties, either express or implied, are hereby given. All software is supplied as is, without guarantee. The user assumes all responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this software, including, but not limited to, frustration, disgust, system abends, disk head-crashes, general malfeasance, floods, fires, shark attack, nerve gas, locust infestation, cyclones, hurricanes, tsunamis, local electromagnetic disruptions, hydraulic brake system failure, invasion, hashing collisions, normal wear and tear of friction surfaces, comic radiation, inadvertent destruction of sensitive electronic components, windstorms, the Riders of Nazgul, infuriated chickens, malfunctioning mechanical or electrical sexual devices, premature activation of the distant early warning system, peasant uprisings, halitosis, artillery bombardment, explosions, cave-ins, and/or frogs falling from the sky.

March has been full of madness...

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Friday afternoon, I think I decided that one of the best parts of travelling to points afar is the feeling that washes over me upon coming home. Having visited the depths of winter in upstate New York last week, as the plane came in on approach I could see the green of the hills and the city, and I could feel the warmth of the sun through the tiny plastic window.

At the house the battle with the weeds continues, and the elms and pecans are putting on their bright green first foliage. The mower comes out this afternoon to bring some order to the corners of the yard that are beginning to grow.

We've been doing some travelling on the weekends, as well as hosting some travellers, and I've updated my gallery with some snapshots, a few of which are thumbnailed here. I'm not so happy with my camera at the moment, the battery life is short, and I'm having problems getting sharp photos.

Despite that, I have a few photos from my business travels, and some from when Charles and I went to my birthplace, Albuquerque, for a party. This was my very first time to go there without any familial obligations, and I kind of enjoyed it. My friend Dominick spent a good Sunday afternoon with us prior to our departure.

The week following was my first in Austin since starting the gig with LMT. I got some work done before Franz arrived into town for Charles' birthday and for a visit. The party was a smashing success, and Franz had a good time seeing some of the people that were here last time he visited. The Monday after the party I took him out on the motorcycle around the east part of the county. He was impressed especially with the wild game ranch up by Pflugerville with the zebras and the antelope.

This weekend brought a friend of Charles' in town to see the Austin Rodeo. We had a great time watching the events and seeing Joe Nichols afterwards.

The project in New York should be wrapping up this week as far as the technical part. Testing the week following, then some shore leave at home I hope!


Franz on tour

The Party Crowd

On approach

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Franz is inbound from Deutschland. Minds much more creative than mine have integrated realtime flight tracking with Google Earth. Amazing how it comes together.


About time to boogie back to Texas

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Der Kopf tut weh, die Füsse stinken, höchste Zeit ein Bier zu trinken!

NY State doesn't look so bad in comparison

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From the looks of it, Munich has 'its nose full' with the snow from this weekend. It brought public transport in the city to a standstill at one point, and some villages were cut off due to avalanche danger.

[Flickr Munich Pool]

Work in Endicott

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The project I'm working on at the moment is a Services Registry for the Global Combat Support System, specifically for the Air Force. Its a bit disappointing that the office for the project is out here, but its cool working with Lockheed. One of the higher profile things they're doing at the Owego manufacturing plant (which was also once a mammoth IBM plant) just down the road is building the new version of the Presidential Helicopter due out in 2009. This software project is at the absolute periphery of the enterprise projects that are going on, but its kind of cool being in the neighborhood of bigger things. Yet, its not quite cool enough though to make me forget that its freezing here, and in the springtime 80's at home.

Travel Expectations

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Last week's long journey home that began with the snow advisory in New York's Southern Tier exceeded all expectations for being a rotten day.


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Chaz and I have a 9th anniversary today. That's 'pottery/willow' or 'leather', sources say. I debated sending flowers to the new office, though I'm tempted to do that later on in the month when its unexpected.

A lousy travel evening in the works..

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My rent car was about buried in the snow in Endicott this afternoon, and a usual 1 hour drive took 2.5, nice and slow. Now flights are being delayed out of Syracuse. We'll see if I make it home this evening. Work week was productive otherwise.

I had a snack at a Panera cafe with free internet - I got this bill back in change from my dinner.

[Where's George?]

Its stamped on either side with 'Track this bill at' and I did. Rather fascinating, I think. If you check out the top 10, sure seems like the bills get to strip clubs pretty easy.

We got Charles moved up to Dallas last weekend, and he's had a good week there. I've got another week to be here in Endicott, then I get a few days to work out of Austin during Franz's visit.

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