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Reconnecting and recuperation

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Last week I got an email from a man I worked with in Freiburg, Germany as a lifeguard/pool-master, Stephan. We'd fallen out of contact since 2003, not for any particular reason other than life distracting us, so his email out of the blue was a really pleasant surprise. I emailed him back that I'd call him from my landline on Saturday, and made good on that call at about 10am, 5pm his time. A few years have gone under the bridge, but we've still got some common touchpoints between us. His wife and dog are good, and he's taken good care of a few things that I left there in Freiburg, so the time on the phone was well spent, and will happen with greater frequency. Especially given the cheap cost of calling these days. I look forward to seeing them again this year at some point; probably around Oktoberfest!

The weekend in Austin was one of recuperation for Charles and I. He had a successful first week of work in Arlington, and I worked plenty of hours up in Endicott. We got laundry done, ran some errands, and generally laid on the couch catching up on Tivo. It wasn't long before it was Sunday and we were both packing to head in different directions again. He's got a lease signed for his apartment, and we've got a truck reserved to do the move, so the wheels are in motion.
This week in Endicott has been quiet thus far. Have worked out twice, put in a number of hours at the office, and just basically tried to stay out of the cold. What's frustrating me most at the moment is the fact that I seem to be generating about 1000 Megawatts of static electricity per day. Don't know if its my socks, or my shoes, or what, but I get a good jolt at the door knob to the room. Another when I get to the car. 3 or four at work. And they keep coming on the way back to the hotel. It drives me nuts.

Night Lighting

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The rest of the trip from Cleveland to Syracuse was uneventful. Hertz hooked me up with a macho 2005 Mustang, which wanted to eat up the drive between Syracuse and Binghamton. The road to Binghamton runs more or less along a valley with farms and small towns dotting the landscape. Driving along under a full moon reflecting off the snow in the landscape brought to mind some of the reasons I like to travel. The night was lit with a irridescent blue light; farms silhouetted and ponds sparkling in the night. Hills with dark pines shadowing the snow. Moments of chilling beauty like this make it worthwhile to put up with the crowds and the planes and being away from the familiar. Its colder than balls on a brass monkey out there, but the stillness and the light of the winter bring me to understand how people can live here.

Spring training starts this week. I can't wait to go head back to a Round Rock Express game. And I am wondering where Roger will wind up.
Made good progress on the project today, and made it to the gym to work out. Charles had his first day of work in Arlington today, and only sent one SMS being a bit overwhelmed.

If it's Sunday, this must be Snow-hio

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At least I'm not one of these guys:

The winter storm has knocked out Newark, which was my original connection back to Syracuse. There's a horribly long line of people trying to rebook travel, and a whole departure gate here full of Hassidic jews, I'm assuming trying to get back to NYC.
Continental rebooked me on the smaller regional jets through Cleveland, so I'll get to Syracuse. It's good from the perspective of being able to get there, bad in that I was kind of thinking I could be at home an extra day. Having said that, both of us packed today, Chaz to head to Dallas to start his new job, while I was heading over to New York state. We've got some people lined up to watch the house and check in on things till we get back.

Weekend was good, with Guerilla Queer Bar Friday night at Common Interest Karaoke. It was well attended, and I took some photos of my friends while there. Charles loosened up and even sang a number before we split for dinner. Photos are here.

This is a bit of a nervous time for us, both underway and taking care of separate responsibilities. We've dived in head-first and its terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

College-boy got a job!

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Graduation has come and gone, and the interviews came fast in furious in January. Charles has knocked on a lot of doors, and did a lot of talking, and found what looks like a pretty good job. Here's the letter he sent out this week.

Dear Friends,

Well after 7 years of school and many job interviews the time has come to go to work. Today I have accepted a job offer from eStar Technologies in Arlington Texas. I begin my new job on Monday February 13th and I am looking forward to starting this next phase in my life. I will continue to have the same email address, mailing address , cell phone number etc. David will remain in Austin for about 6 months and then we will start the official move to the DFW area.

I can not tell you how excited I am and at the same time a little nervous. It will be very hard to leave family and friends behind in Austin. You will get to see me around town on weekends for a while so be sure to say hello.

With much Love and Respect,


And the page turns.

Out my hotel window this morning.

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Brrrrrr. And still a day before I head south.

Something I don't quite understand.

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This is the door to the men's room of this former-IBM building I'm working at.


What frightens me is that somehow this was a problem enough to warrant a sign on the door.

I take my lunch with me to the desk from time to time, but to the john?

Work went well, got my badge, so I now have to do work. There have been flurries all day, and its pretty cold. I did make it to the YMCA here to work out; did cardio & chest. This was an old 50's era Y with stairs between areas, a tiny pool, and a really old style gymnasium. It was fun to have some time for myself, and made me feel a little better about eating for both lunch and dinner as you do on the road. I have to come back here next week. Gotta book some flights tonight or tomorrow morning.

Mundane Uniformity.

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The customer that I'm visiting up here in New York has leased some classic IBM office space for itself here in Endicott. Its exactly as I recall it from the plant in Austin. My office is Building 257-4U104. I'm almost willing to bet its listed in Google Earth under those coordinates. The interior hasn't been changed a bit - same room numbers, the IBM standard lettering on the doorplates, the interior offices, and even the same phones and 'no camera' signs as we had in Austin. The exterior is horrific as all the 60's era plants seem to be. The environment is dreary, and the coffee was burnt. I need VPN access, and quick. More on the team later on.

My second night in "Southern Tier" New York was somewhat sleepless. I got to work out in the hotel exercise room; the YMCA here would have let me in, but I got there at 8:20, and they closed at 8:30. The sidewalks roll up early here. I was a bit late having gone to dinner with my Systinet colleague. While there's feet of snow north and south of here, we're just getting flurries. I'm counting my blessings for that.

Road notes

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I'm back in lovely Cleveland, though this time, snow blowing and ice on the ground. It doesn't bode well for the rest of the trip over to Syracuse, then the drive down to Endicott, NY. Mostly business types with me underway today. One right behind me on the plane had a cold and was sneezing without stop; I was in 7A, and the guy in 7C on the other side of the plane was on something and talked without stop throughout the flight. I pity the fool in 7B that had to listen to him. My connection is delayed for a while; it means I can watch the kickoff of the Superbowl.

Main Sunday editorial in the Austin newspaper [reg. required.. use bugmenot if you bother with it]was about the fact that Travis county was the only county that voted against the Texas marriage amendment. As a result, the city is right in bringing to a vote, a reversal of the 1994 city charter amendment that prevented the city from extending domestic partner benefits to its employees. Bravo. I'm glad the paper is supporting that position, and I hope that those that turned out for the statewide election will turn out for the city vote. My fear is that without the visibility, it might not happen.
I'm a bit nervous about this week of work. Charles has one more interview on Monday, and that evening we should know what direction we're heading as far as his job. If I had my way, I would have been in Austin this week, rather than last.

A thrilling Friday evening

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Party? Live Music? Ice Bats?


I cleaned the bathroom. I couldn't take it any more. Although I leave Sunday for a business trip, I wasn't going to make it through tomorrow looking at it any more.

See? All shiny and clean now!


Another one bites the dust

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I swear, the Nigerian side of the family just can't drive a car for shit.

A wealth of opportunity..

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So in the past 10 days, Charles has been on about 5 in-person interviews. Tuesday was an in-person in Austin, Wednesday an in-person in Arlington. Today both companies came back with offers in hand. As I write, he's on the phone with yet another company. All at once, things begin to shift.

On the weed watch.. the dandelions are withering, but they're spending their last ounces of energy creating blooms every day. I've been out there the past two days and cut 'em off. I'm determined.
Work has been good from the home office. The day to myself yesterday was terrific: the house stayed clean, laundry didn't magically start piling up, no lights were left on all day. Amazing.

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