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Yay Presents!!

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We did well in Georgetown with Chaz's family, and drove up to Fort Worth without incident. Christmas with the Thornton's was blissfully quiet with his youngest sister and her two babies missing out on the festivities. While it was warm out there on the farm, the wind was howling out of the north, so feeding the animals meant getting a faceful of dust and hay flying at me. His dad has 18 baby goats this winter, but they're not all weaned yet, so they wouldn't come for the food. In a few weeks they'll be bribable, I'm sure.

Up here in FW, my brother and his girlfriend took their time getting up and over to Dad's for breakfast. Chaz cooked some pecan-raisin french toast & bacon for us. It was quite yummy, though annoying that we had to wait. I got what I really wanted for a gift this year: a salad spinning bowl! Wheee! Its a good one with lots of zip. Charles also got me a really pretty watch, totally out of the blue. Dad likes the monitor I got him.. looks good on his desk too. Next stop will be out to see mom on the west side of town. She's a bit under the weather, but I know she'll enjoy a visit. Tomorrow's off for our drive west to Albuquerque in a slightly small vehicle for 5 of us. Will be quite an adventure, I'm sure.

Texas winter and rearrangements

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Yet another reason to love winter in Texas. Charles and I took the motorcycles out riding around town yesterday under a low bright sunny day, and temperatures in the 70's.

Christmas got rearranged this week at the last minute. My dad's mom passed away on Wednesday, so rather than do Thurs/Fri/Sat in Fort Worth, we're now going up there Sa/Sun with a trip to Albuquerque on Mon/Tues/Weds. Chaz and I will have our holiday whenever we return to Austin. The timing for it all is a bit crazy, but we'll march on through it. Of course Charles' sisters are all nuts since this is the first time in ages they haven't all gotten together on the 25th. The only part I'm dreading is the 16+ hours going out there and back on the road.

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Lots of changes have been in the works for quite a while, and through November and December, time seems to have accelerated to get to this point.

Last weekend was the apex of our season, with our annual Christmas Party combined this year with Charles' graduation. Photos are behind the photo at the bottom of this post. It was probably our biggest and best party yet, with over 80 people coming through. Our close friends, our family, some of my very brave coworkers, and a few of our new neighbors here. I'm proud that Jeff & John, our friends from Seattle, made it down, not only for the graduation ceremony, but also to help out with the party. Jeff & I got the goods together, John did an awesome job with the flowers, and Chaz and my mom got food together. We had an awkward moment when Santa arrived at the party, and no one recognized him; who was casing my party in costume? On confrontation, it turned out to be my services boss from Motive, Kell. He went above and beyond the call of duty, with boys and girls borrowing his lap for photos.

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