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Gallery Update..

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A few vanity updates to the gallery tonight.. finally cleaned off the card!

A delightful fall evening in the backyard.

Guerilla Queer Bar does Oktoberfest in Walburg.

Snapshots of the Motive team at the Broadband World Forum in Madrid.

No seasons in Texas?

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We do indeed have seasons, and for the first time in 3 years, I'm here to enjoy the slight cooling off that is fall. Its been delightful to have the windows open and to be outside without being attacked by mosquitos. The roar of the air conditioner is gone, and the chill of the air on my skin as I ride the motorcycle in to work is welcome. Sure, there's no leaves on the ground, and we're not wearing sweaters, but the neighbors have put out their halloween decoration crap, and there are commercials on for christmas stuff already. See, the seasons have changed!

Madrid was terrific, despite the corporate drama that played out while I was over there. It made for a change in plans on the return trip, but I still got to pass through London on the way home. Connected with some good friends and coworkers, and really felt like a citizen of the world. The return trip was good, with the Sunday LGW-DFW plane being only partially filled, I was able to have a couple seats to myself for spreading out.
Work this week and last has been pretty smooth. The shakeup wasn't as bad as initially estimated, and there are some good things to work on for our customer conference, but I've seen this play out before. I got back into the gym this week, and that felt really good. We'll see if we can keep on that track for a while.

Madrid's been magnificent. That's not the news, however.

My company imploded, cutting probably 1/3 of the company off. I didn't get voted off the island, and even if I had, I think I've got something in my back pocket. The "team motive" mentality that had a lot of the company focussed on things other than building product caught up with it.

I have approval still from the boss to go to London for Monday's meeting.

Busy week & weekend ahead.

While Texans slept....

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There was a 90% eclipse of the sun here in Madrid this morning. It was pretty inspiring. Hope you catch some of it on TV.

The Hotel That Time Forgot

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You only thought mirrored ceilings and low slung chairs were a thing of the past.

Nope, Conquistador style is alive and well at this hotel. 30 years overdue an update, but its ok.

I didn't get an upgrade on the transatlantic leg, but did konk out for a couple of hours here and there. I arrived at the hotel at 9am, but no rooms were going to be available till noon. I wound up sleeping off and on for a couple hours in the aforementioned conquistador bar until they had a room for me to sleep in for a couple of hours.

I slept for a while, wrote some emails, and went to take a sauna to relax a bit. I caught up with another Motive guy, Tom F., and went for a beer, then dinner at 11pm with him. We're going to just jump right into Spanish schedules I think. Tomorrow we go set up the show at Palacio Municipal de Congresos.

From my perch at the Admiral's club

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My computer backpack took a hit going through security today.

A strap got caught in the exit ramp of the x-ray machine. 3 of us tried to get it free to no avail. And wouldn't you know it, it took a little while to find a tiny blade to cut through the strap and free it. You would think they'd have a confiscated something or other for that. You would be wrong. So I'm a strap down, and will have to melt it together again at some point. Preferably in Madrid.. I dont need to be starting a fire up here. Any bets on the odds of the strap still being here next time I come through? I'm thinking its there for good now.

Unlike last time I was up here, haven't seen anyone I know yet, other than Barrye who checked me in. He used to bowl with me on the queer league. He gave me the choice seat for the AUS-ORD leg, so that was nice. Couldn't give me help on the transatlantic leg though since that's Iberia's flight.

The high point of this week so far has been Thursday when a good cold front came through and dropped the temperature to almost what fall in Munich felt like. It was quite a buzz to be on the motorcycle on the way into work and feel a tad bit chilly at speed heading up Parmer. I didn't get to really take a long ride, but even the commute felt pretty exhilarating. Everyone kind of had a good day that day. Today the muggy wet blanket is back on top of Austin. That's okay though.. I'll give it 10 days to cool down before I come back!

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