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Friday? The week is just beginning.

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Tomorrow I'm off again. AUS-ORD-MAD for the Broadband World Forum in Madrid. I'm staying in the Melia Castilla. 5 days there, then to London to have an illy espresso martini and give a couple of demo training sessions to sales folks. Should be a fun trip, but I've had to work my tail off this week, and I suspect next will be still worse.



Jennifer Garner.


Report from Galveston

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Our Dave writes:

Hi to all,

So I returned from Austin at 5:30am on Tuesday morning. A trip that was 6 hours to flee, was only 3 1/2 hours to return. I had a wonderful time in Austin and so did Rowdy (the dog). He smiled the whole time, and for those who know him, ya know what I mean.

Thank You goes out to Dave and Charles for hosting us and putting up with the evacuees from Galvatraz. If it wasn't for ya'll, I would of probably been stuck in the 32 hour traffic it took my friends just to get to Dallas. I appreciate ya and can't express enough what you both mean to me.

The Island looked unchanged upon crossing over the Causeway. However, upon driving a little further I saw palm trees whose leaves were all on one side due to the wind. Most traffic lights were out and most businesses were closed......including whataburger. All but one gas station had bags over their pumps and were still out of gas. At the apartment, a gutter had collapsed in front of my door. Some windows were blown out of other units and shingles and debrious was everywhere. With the apartment spared....from the looks of the ice cream in the freezer, all the food will have to be tossed....i'm sure the power was off for sometime. But was working when we made it home.

Work is vacant. It's like a ghost town around here. UTMB is 7 hospitals in one and has a very errie fell right now. May lose some hours due to the patients aren't back yet. It's the first time UTMB has ever evacuated. WOW! No one seems to know when things will get back to normal here.

At the least everyone is safe. No deaths had been reported so far, with the exception of the nursing home patients from Galveston on the bus that caught fire. A lady was burned at her art gallery on the island and she lost her life's works. But last I heard was still alive. A few stories are coming in that a few Galveston area residents died on the highway stuck in traffic. But those seem to be minimum (5 or so).

We are very luck. Not so for a bit east of us. We were blessed this time. But we are all on borrowed time here on the coast. We dont know when, but it is just a matter of time when we will be hit again. Never an if here, always a when.

Well wanted to update ya'll and thank ya for the offers and the thoughts.



Gallery updated on 2 fronts

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I got the Oktoberfest photos uploaded! Right behind this thumbnail.

The infrastructure for the gallery is updated as well now, which is interesting for geeks I suppose.

Buckling down

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Dave & Rowdy made it in from Galveston. He's a basketcase at this point, not having slept for a couple days, and was about to not fall asleep tonight either. I wound up sitting with him in front of the TV at 5am till he finally fell over asleep. Not much we can tell him right now other than that whatever happens down on the gulf, we'll be around to help him out and that he's got what's important out of the way.

I have no idea how I'm going to get anything done around the house this quarter with the cool shows on TV. Chaz and I watched Lost last night, and couldn't believe when Jack ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H ... sorry.. no spoilers for time-shifters. Desperate Housewives kicks off this weekend, and Alias starts next week. I had one solicitation call during Lost.. and told the girl from Sam Houston State that she was interrupting the premier. Heh. She understood when I said I had to get off the phone when the commercial was over!

Back to the grind

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Back to work today. Summer's still here in Texas, so sweated up a storm upon landing in Dallas: 33 C, 92 F. My mom & brother met me for my layover and we went to the Grand Hyatt for a drink & went through the new Terminal D at DFW airport. The new terminal reminds me of the MUC airport - new, clean, bright, and while empty now, won't be for long. Hyatt was outstanding, and we had a great visit. Mom was a bit bored of the Oktoberfest photos I dragged out. SkyLink trams were awesome. Flight to Austin was smooth, and the hottub was bubbly at home. I slept soundly through the night.

Our Rita evacuees are on their way to the house, arriving this afternoon. Gotta fix the fence on the side of the house.


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And "Boom! Goes the dynamite".. just like that I'm on the way home.

Awesome weekend reconnecting with friends near and far. Oktoberfest is more than I ever imagined. Franz treated me and the Dutchmen to an awesome dinner. I worked on his computer a bit, got some gifts for mom, and enjoyed the cool days of an approaching fall. More complete post later on.


Franz came with me on the train to Frankfurt and we've had a nice trip all told.

Looks like our Galveston Dave is going to come visit to get out of the path of Rita. He'll bring the world's smartest dalmation with him, and that's good.

Oktoberfest has begun!

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A trip out to see the "Asam" churches

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Franz had off on Wednesday, and I'd done most of the stuff I needed to do to get a demo working, so we hit the autobahn to check out a couple of things off the beaten path. While I'm not one to go 'see' a church, Franz had this focussed on just 2 chapels that the 2 brothers Asam architected in the early 18th century.
The first was in the tiny town of Rohr. Inside, the main altar has this enormous work of the Asam brothers. Things that characterize the work is the backlighting 'crown', and the 'floating' Maria. Franz put it quite well - this was in the early 18th century before television and special effects, and the way this is constructed, the Maria has no visible support/strings/beams from the gallery of the church. In that context, I imagine it was quite a powerful work.

The second church was in the cloister Weltenburg, near the small town of Kehlheim. Inside the Asam chapel at Weltenburg, Franz points out one of the 'signatures' that the Asam brothers use. They put a figure of one or the other of themselves in the sculptures. In this case, one of the brothers looks down on the chapel in his 18th century dress, somewhat amused. He's one of 10 figures holding up a 'crown' above the main floor of the chapel.

He also explained the meaning and light-play of this chapel, and in context, it is again quite amazing. The chapel where the 'sinners' sit is quite dark, almost murky, as the souls of the sinners obviously. St. George is here slaying the dragon and saving the virgin, clearing the way for the sinners who want to head into the 'light'. Again, this 3-d and play of backlight is pretty stunning, and probably lost to many today.

Quick Munich update

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I helped out someone at the Austin office this afternoon when she IM'ed me a question, and was shocked at the idea that I'd do some work while over here. Its actually pretty nice - I have big quiet office without annoyances, a fast connection, and a pretty good view. The walk in was nice, through the market and past some hoards of tourists, with a nice cool rain falling but a bright sky. I haven't done much of any significance, other than some work and trained Franz on how to use his gallery a bit better. I've had a work project to chew one, which I'm doing, and have some stuff I can do for the neighborhood assocation, which makes me happy as well. Its a pretty happy place, all in all.

Feeling at home in Munich

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The flight over was uneventful. I didn't get to ride the new Skylink at DFW airport after all, which was somewhat disappointing. I was on an aisle, and wound up with a German pre-teen girl next to me. This was good for the shoulder-space I need, but not good for sleeping as she was squirrly until the last 90 minutes of the flight. It happens. I made it through immigration and got my bag in no time flat, and Franz was there to meet me, which was a nice feeling. We lounged for a bit and took the train to Munich and a taxi to the house, where I was greeted with a bit of home from his visit.

Click the thumbnail for a few more photos in the gallery.


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Off to Munich & Oktobearfest.. am in the Austin admiral's club with a spicy bloody mary and a birds eye view of the concourse. Have seen like 6 people I know here at the airport, which is kinda scary and comforting at the same time.

These flights will be uneventful I think, good weather day, and easy connections. I'm looking forward to trying out the new people-mover trains at DFW airport.

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