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Periodic Linkalicious Update

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Apache is serving me up now - hopefully fewer reinstall issues now.
The long weekend in Galveston/Crystal Beach for Chaz's maternal side family reunion was served hot, sticky, and mosquito infested. It came with a side of drama from his two sisters each waving the flag of "Well I'll just pack and leave if you don't get off my back." Neither left, unfortunately. Franz's fish board dinner was a hit, and the nieces/nephews had too much fun bringing back nasty smelly fish bones to the cabins. I can now say I've done it once, and I'll know to book the Sunspree Resort next time they suggest family togetherness in a shared cabin.
Franz did enjoy the drive down, as well as the few trips across the free ferry between Galveston and Bolivar; we had a blast watching the dolphins jump in front of the bows of our ferry and other ships in the channel. Dave took Franz & I on a day of sight-seeing and shopping around Galveston as well. The long weekend ended with us stopping at Baba Yega in Houston for Brunch and making a pit stop at Jim & Ed's in rural Washington county on the way home.
I've been following the mood swings and issues in London and the UK on the Tube Diary. I think what strikes me most is that they're still fascinated about who's reading the new Potter book. I'm in the queue to get one from Phillip when he gets back from caring for his mother next week.
The new job is going pretty well, although the tasks haven't quite lined up with the job description. Some of the new stuff we're doing is pretty cool, but doing the competitive analysis is a bit scary.

Just me & Tivo... and Chaz's adventure

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I spent the day cleaning the house, picking up the clothes, vacuuming, and putting things away. The kitchen is clean, the fridge is stocked, the bathroom is in order. And I know it will stay that way for the week, as Charles & his family left today for their Ross family reunion on the Texas Gulf Coast: Bolivar Peninsula. I've got the house to myself and a few dozen Tivo'ed episodes of Alias and Lost to catch up on. Its a pretty happy place to be in for a little while.

Charles did call at 3 or so with a crisis. The truck they were driving had transmission problems while on the Sam Houston tollway. But with Google to the rescue, all was not quite lost. Got the AAA wrecker rolling, picked a shop to take the vehicle to, and I booked them a rental at Hobby to get them the rest of the way to Bolivar. He called at 9pm, about 12 hours after he left the house, saying they finally got there. The lesson here is that it's always helpful to find someone with an internet connection while on the road. I'm delighted I was able to share in their adventure from the comfort of my quiet clean home.

While everyone likes being a leader...

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Some categories are better than others. (source: CNBC)


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One of those faces has a name.

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I've spent some hours reading about the events and impressions left behind in London this weekend. Some are quite moving. I can't tear myself away from Justin's accounts so far.
He has a couple of entries on the topic, this one is powerful, but even more so is a comment left behind by Phil from the US. Search in this link for the comment that starts with: 'I returned home to Connecticut from London on July 7;' People are far more resilient and resourceful than I'd expect under extreme circumstances.

Let Q3 begin!

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I just finished the 3rd of three days of sales meetings in my new role. My presentation went well, and I got some good contacts built with the pre-sales team, so the outcome is what I was hoping for. Its taken a bit of a toll though.. I'm exhausted, and just want to spend a couple of days sleeping now. This whole idea of being at a downtown hotel at 8am for a meeting is somewhat deranged.

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