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Under pressure

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Sometimes the pressure is just too much. [Turn your speakers on, not loud]

Shamelessly lifted from Fark.

I've created a monster!

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Today Franz has got his first photo Gallery posted.

This only a few short weeks after getting his first digital camera and computer. He's climbed up the learning curve pretty quickly!

A gem for insomniacs

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If you've ever been awake on weekday mornings flipping through channels from 3am to 5am, you've probably missed ABC's World News Now as you were looking for a new info-mercial somewhere.

This morning as they were talking economics and markets with a BBC journalist in London the guys in the engineering booth ran a ticker on the live shot: "WNN Bus Watch", incrementing a counter any time a bus went by in the real-time background. Four made it by during the shot, and while the interview on China's influence on the market was important... the bus count added an immediacy that you just don't see during the evening news!

Last Saturday was a clear mild day perfect for being out in the sun on the bikes, and Chaz & I took an afternoon's ride out to Holland, and didn't even go through Passport Control. I'm a bit late on this post as I wanted to create a google map with our waypoints on it, but I haven't figured that out yet.

We took an interesting route, going to Cedar Park first, then heading out on 1431 into Williamson county along into the area where the state is building Highway 130, and where an enterprising advertising company has installed giant billboards in the middle of pastures already. I didn't have my camera with me on this ride. The story is linked behind this image.

From the construction area, we headed north through the low water crossing of the San Gabriel river at Mankins Crossing, and went up through Weir to Walburg. The best part of the trip was highway 972 east of Walburg: the road had some good gentle rises, and broad sweeping turns with great visibility and maybe 2 cars in the long stretch. 972 dead ends at 95 which is a fast four lane trip up through Bartlett into Holland. Bartlett's 1-bricked-street downtown was worth a quick stop, and made up for the lack of tulips in Holland.

On the way back, we drove by Chaz's parents' house to see the animals, and the foal, who's being called 'Scoot' now. She's lost her baby fur, and has a really pretty liver color now, and is getting to the point where you can pet her neck and back a bit. Its amazing how she's grown and developed a personality of her own.

Sunday, I made a run up to Fort Worth for a belated mother's day with my mom. We had planned to meet on my return flight during my layover in Dallas, but that fell through, so this was the first time we saw each other since winter. We shopped and caught up, and she cooked a good dinner for me and my brother and his girlfriend. Late, I caught up with my friend Dave from San Francisco who was in Dallas for the weekend. The trip was a whirlwind, and Monday hurt, but it was good to reconnect and be in my old stomping ground for a bit.


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Since I'm not an iPod owner yet, I can find these highly amusing. Especially Star Wars, Pope, and Jerrod from Subway.


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Career Change Indicator #5301

I've got a guy on my project who's total contribution so far has been to say that the URL for the customer's tool should be short. Whoa.. don't burn all our hours figuring that one out.

Free Hosting Fun

The webserver on this box has had to be reinstalled twice, which requires re-allowing the web user permission to access certain directories. I've tried giving permission to a group and just adding the new user to that group, (hoping to avoid the headaches when the server gets reinstalled next time) but something didn't work right there, which is frustrating. Anyone want to take a guess on what OS this is?

Movie? or Music?

The company has rented out a theater on the 19th for the Star Wars thing during lunch. If I go I won't need one of these. But if I stay in the office, I can turn the speakers way up on XFM and maybe get some work on a user's guide done. Or I could just get my inbox cleaned out. Naw, I like the popcorn I think.

New Niece

Chaz posted a few photos of his new niece behind this thumbnail.

Settling back into home routines...

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I've been on radio silence as I've gotten back into the groove of being home; lots has happened & been done, but not too much that I've felt like sharing.
Some of the highlights:

  • Sorting out a couple months of bills

  • Cleaning up about 3 years of sticks out of the yard.

  • A 'starting the last semester' party for Chaz.

  • Going to Albuquerque to see my Grandmother.

  • Getting to see a few friends of mine in Albuquerque while there, as well as seeing where my Dad's father is buried, and eating some really, really good Mexican food.

  • Getting a second bike so that both of us can go on weekend rides.

  • Chaz's 16 month old niece peeing on my kitchen floor during a Mother's Day brunch with his whole family over.

  • The mother of said niece having her second child that same day. (her water broke elsewhere.. but was it what we fed her?)

  • Lots of pure grade D crap at work.

  • Struggling far too long with creating mailing labels for the Neighborhood Association.

The elderly lady next door has gone to live in a retirement community so her son got it prepped to sell, and evidently sold it without putting it on the market. The surveyors were out there today digging out the pins and setting markers.

Comps in the neighborhood were around 130's, but the house having only had 2 owners, would have needed 20K worth of updates to live in or flip; in the short run my gut tells me we wouldn't get that money out of it, so I guess I'm glad someone else got the house.

I've got some photos to post, hopefully this weekend, and I have taxes yet to do.

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