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Quick update from Barcelona

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The parties have been excellent, the company has been grand, and the Hotel Axel has been quite swanky.

Today has been the first day of crystal blue skies and sun from horizon to horizon, so after sleeping most of the morning, I spent most of the day on the rooftop of the hotel, catnapping and sunning. Tomorrow is an early travel day for us both, and work will creep back in.

Chaz has enjoyed the trip as well, but we´re both a little sad its nearly over.

Time out!

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The Easter weekend is approaching, and in a few hours I head off to Barcelona!

Chaz should be on his way in a matter of hours as well. Should be mild, but that's fine with us.

Cherokee's new filly!

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One of Chaz's dad's horses finally had her baby. Can't wait to see her in real life. :-)


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I get home from Hannover on Friday to find that my DSL & Telephone have been switched off. I knew I hadn't been getting the bills - they were supposed to be handled & paid by the accountants for the firm. Nope. They've been going to the firm's office in Stuttgart, and have been put in file 13 there. Nice, eh?

First call to T-Com to figure out what to do. They hang up on me. Second call: I get through to an agent, but can't do anything without my customer number. My customer number is fortunately in an email from a coworker - on the server, not on my machine. Next step - head to KraftAkt for a capuccino & some online time to get the customer number. Success! Third call, with customer number: yup, bill's not been paid, 225 Euros & change. Fastest way to pay them? Creditcard? No, that would be too easy. Pay cash into their account at the post office.

Think that will get it turned on today? Guaranteed not to happen. The accounting peoople aren't in till Monday. Turn it on for the weekend maybe? Not going to happen. :-(

So I guess I'll write some postcards this weekend and get out to EasyEverything a few times to check mail. I'm blaming the dorks at my firm.

Its nice and mild now in Munich - I landed yesterday to 72 degrees and today its in the 60s. Now all my clothes, and especially my bomber jacket, are a bit too warm. This is a much nicer problem to have than being too cold.


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9:30pm and still above zero! All hope is not lost... Though I travel to Hannover tomorrow; I'm not particularly looking forward to that.


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What's that flaming ball in the sky? And where'd the snow go! WOOHOO!
Its amazing what a difference in attitude a little decent weather can bring!

Montag Nacht Fußball!

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Last night, a friend of mine from KPMG dragged me off to watch TSV München against Eintracht Frankfurt. It was at the Olympiastadion which I hadn't visited before. Was a pretty successful night, as I didn't quite freeze everything off, and while his team lost, a couple of beers and a bockwurst with mustard made up for it.

After weeks of snow and mush...

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.. the sky is blue and things are a bit drier. At least this morning. I'm probably jinxing it by saying anything.


International Handwerkmesse 2005

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Header image format shamelessly stolen with great respect from Chris Glass

Today I enjoyed a totally non-working day with Franz walking through the halls of the International Handwerk Convention here in Munich, and got some cool movies and photos to share. Germany is known for its precision machinery, and quite a bit was on display. In addition, it had the usual assortment of household cleaning knick-knacks, hot tubs, and magnetic water purifiers that seem to show up at any home show.

There was also quite a large garden show in conjunction with the fair, with a good showing of fountains and plants and garden accessories.

My favorite, however, was seeing machines like the metal-cutting laser in action. There was some fun entertainment, and typical German modern art which walked the fine line between abstract and baffling

Afterwards, we had a good Thai dinner, & went for a beer.

Minor milestones...

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Its our 8th. :-)

I'm not in nearly as much trouble for being in Euro-land for this as I will be for missing out on his 45th in 12 days!

Its snowing again..

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A day passes and things start to melt, then before you know it, the snow is back again with a heavy wet vengence.

Walking home from dinner I snapped a few blurry phone camera pictures of it falling. The city is muffled and still. Its kind of wonderous how it makes things change like that.



Breakfast in Munich...

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When you're on the road for a while, its nice to wake up in your own space on your own terms, even if it isn't home. Especially treasured is a quiet breakfast you can eat while barefoot & right after getting up out of bed.


German "Kaffeemilch" makes me happy. Its richer and creamier and a bit sweeter than what we have back in the states. Even if it wasn't "Bären Marke" I'd enjoy it just as much.

Franz made a punch out of some fruit he had that was about to turn and brought some of it over here last night... the liquid in the punch was some peach liquor and a bottle of prosecco - sparkling wine. A glass of it with my breakfast bread and coffee was a good fruity way to start off a sunny Friday.

And of course I had a big glass of water with my zinc & vitamin C tablets to help ward off the cold & flu bugs that seem to hang around here a bit longer than in Texas.

I hadn't been able to thank Franz very well for the food, so brought back a few knick-knacks from the states, and he's liked the Longhorn cap the best so far.


How'd it get to be March already?

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Through lots of frustration & booking 70+ hour weeks, we made the February 28 deadline for our deliverable, and turned it over to the customer. They're having a meeting right now on whether to turn it on to the world or not. We've done what we can.

Weekend before last, I travelled to Austin; had a 24 hour delay due to Swiss air delaying my connection to the transatlantic leg. Made for an evening in Zurich where I swam for a bit and kind of chilled out.

The week in Austin was mostly work, but around the edges I got to have some fun. There were a couple of good days to ride the motorcycle, and getting breakfast tacos on the rainy days made up for not riding the bike. My Dad & his girlfriend came down for the weekend, and Chaz fed them well. Saturday was rainy so our sight-seeing was a bit limited, but I think they had a good time in any case. Charles did his party for the Oscar presentation, and everyone played along with the 'red food' theme. His pictures aren't quite up there yet, but I imagine they will be soon.

I flew back on Monday, and took the train right to Hannover. With things teed up and ready to go, the team is going to work from their homes after today, which will be nice; 2 workdays from home and then no travel the week after! Quite civilized.

Of course coming back to Germany to below freezing temperatures & snow was a shock to the system after warm Texas.

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