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More on mornings..

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While the sun is not up yet, the sky is bright at 7:30, which makes things a bit more hopeful to start the day.

Today's a bit of work then travel back to Munich. It'll be a short weekend there as Monday morning have to be here again early. That stinks.

Guten Morgen!

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Finally got out of work on Tuesday early enough to go swimming with the team in Hannover; I got there a little late, and was a bit out of shape, but they recognized me and I felt good about being missed just a little bit.

Charles managed to get an internship in Austin this week for the rest of the year which is really, really good news both careerpath wise for him and financially in general.

I've become a "Stammkunde" (regular customer) at the hotel Mercure Hannover City, and they all recognize me by face now. Its kind of nice to have them give me a "Guten Morgen Herr Siegel" as I head out the door to work, and when I come back in the evening.

I've been taking the tram to work between 7-7:45 in the morning, and at that time of the morning, tons of schoolkids use it to get to the school 2 stops down from where I am staying. Yesterday a cluster of them were practicing English for a test that morning, and I was highly amused at hearing how they thought through what they wanted to say in German and how they put together the English. "I doesn't want in the school to go." I didn't help them; they were doing just fine correcting themselves on their own.

Work doesn't stink as bad, but it still stinks.

Saturday evening at the Laundromat

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I'm at my free-wireless laundromat in the Poccistrasse, waiting on things to get dry. Its been a busy week at work in Hannover, with some real strides made with the project, but at 60 hours plus travel, its been a little wearing.

Geoff from the consulting group teased me again with some of the gigs he's got going on. It may be about time to do that and hang around home a bit more. My bones are beginning to feel a little heavy running across Europe lately. I did come home Thursday evening so I could work from the Munich office on Friday. That felt nice: getting my clothes for the day out of a dresser instead of a suitcase. Turns out there were quite a few of us in Munich on Friday, so it made for a relaxed and somewhat non-stressed workday.

Friday evening I had to myself and went out for a while. Stayed out far later than I had planned which left me dragging today. Evidently last week there was quite a bit of snow that fell here, but the weekend has so far been sunny and bright leading to quite a bit of melt. Going along the streets, a number of the buildings have long sticks leaning on them with signs that say "Vorsicht! Dachlawinen!": Danger! Roof Avalanches! I like the idea that melt coming off the roof is an avalanche.

Yesterday I got my DSL modem from T-Com as well. Problem is... that's all I got. Still required to hook up the modem is a "Analog splitter", then I need my userID & password. Both of these items are supposedly in separate shipments to me. Great system, no? I've paid for part of January and February, and can't get the dang thing connected yet cause of the process. Nope, splitter wasn't available in retail stores, nor electronic stores.

I did go shopping today for some pants I wanted. Zunfthose. :-) "Hand workers pants" is another name for them. They're nice & warm. I got the cords, and ordered the jeans version as well.

I predict I'll like 'em.

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