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Awright - I'm feeling better, the project isn't quite off the tracks, the sun has come out from behind the clouds, and I've got a few hours where I dont have to be anywhere. That's really, really, really nice right about now.

Technically we're supposed to be ready for QA testing - there's still some open issues that will be resolved on monday/tuesday, but for the largest part the core configuration of the product works, I've got some of the customer specific features implemented, and some 'nice to haves' in there, so QA should good pretty quickly I hope.

I did wind up travelling to Hannover, and while it wasn't a good time, it wasn't the end of the world. Though more and more people frustrate me. On Wednesday, instead of taking myself to the hotel on the tram, I went ahead and packed my stuff togehter early and took a taxi with 4 other members of the team. Long story short, one of the spanish guys had problems with the door, and wound up locking all our luggage inside the cab. The driver didn't know what to do for about 40 minutes, then finally took a cab to go get a set of keys from another driver. An hour later, had my luggage. Last week, French guy walked off with another guy's phone - had to help him get it to the lost and found at the airport, as well as get the ID number of the item to the owner. Stunning.

Had a chat with the former coworker that wants me to consult for him. He's pencilling me in for after this project is over, and at this moment, I don't have a problem with that at all. Steve A. & Wim H. are over in Honalulu doing work for him right now. And I'm in snowy Munich... I'm doing the math. :-)

Franz had me over for dinner last night - cooked giant shrimps with a coconut breading, and curried veggies, along with a tomato/orange soup. Wasn't a 7-course work of art, but was tasty nonetheless.


Yukk. No really. Yukk..

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I'm sicker than a dog.

Its been snowing for 3 days straight.

This makes me feel down.

A coworker brought a bug to work last week, and managed to infect 6 of the 8 of us that were there. The worst of it for me was Sunday into Monday. One guy went into the hospital Friday through Sunday.

I can't think of anything else that can induce a feeling of helplessness like being really, really sick far away from home.

I've got an apartment here in Munich now, and its not bad at all, even feels very secure with a constant police precense in the street. I'm 3 doors down from the Jewish culture center & museum, and that building has a police watch armed with automatic-weapons 24 hours a day. They have a semi-permanent hut across the street from the building, and they walk the street periodically. At first blush it is intimidating, but then its a little disappointing as well once the realization settles in that its part of life here.


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I got drenched walking from the tram into the office this morning. Makes me seriously consider the Nereid gig. Hawaii.. Mmmm.. Santa Barbara.

Work has had me scrambling like a madman lately. The trip back into the fray here in Germany was uneventful, and even fast - the pilot put the plane in the jetstream and we got to Germany an hour early. I told him I thought he had it easy.

Being back in Hannover seems to have me back into a comforting pattern - I made it to the gym here for the first time this year. Since I headed back home things have felt more or less out of sorts; I didn't have much time to myself, wasn't able to get around to see the people that I wanted to see, and generally felt rushed. While things are rushed here on the job, it's predictable.

My colleagues have arrived - back to work.


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Given that a lot of my coworkers and women I know (Chaz's evangelical youngest sister for one) are in that procreation mode, I'm highly amused at these shirts.


I'm glad they think highly of us..

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Nice reference to Austin in this editorial from the SF Gate.


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How to speed up Firefox. Cool config tips.

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