Not that they don't take us seriously


The headlines didn't even bother to paraphrase Brittany; they just flat out hijacked her "Oops, they did it again". Obviously that's the big news over here, only slightly overshadowing the murder of Theo v. Gogh in Amsterdam this week by extremists. All in all, things aren't in a very friendly state, and its somewhat disconcerting.

Had dinner with a couple of fellow swimmers last night - they neglected to tell me it was vegetarian however. Was a good meal, in a house, with good company, and the first smoke-free evening I've had in a while. Tonight is a 'team dinner'. The unorganized one thinks that that will bring more to his side I suppose. Personally, I'm getting really annoyed at it in any case. Next week there's a huge convention in Hannover:

EuroTier! (Tier is animal in english) Everything will be there when it comes to Livestock & Poultry production. As a result, all the hotels are going to be full, and the Motive team is going to retreat to the Munich office for the week. It will be a nice change, though there is that 'ranch hand' mystique that might surround the whole event here.

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