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Fridays are generally pretty good, and this one was only in the general sense good. The Motive team took far too long to get through breakfast partly because we didn’t want to go out in the heavy snow that was falling in Hannover. That, and our coworker from Spain likes mornings even less than I do. The workday was fairly productive, although it drags on around 2pm when the building is empty and I’d rather be hitting the gym or the sauna instead of doing real work. I didn’t get away until about 4, but at that point I had 2 hours to kill before getting on the train to head toward picking up Chaz. I texted Thomas and spent some time at Café Konrad enjoying a beer & some olives & some pretty good conversation.

Charles arrives Saturday morning at around 7:10am, so I am in Frankfurt at an airport hotel so I can pick him up bright & early. The train from Hannover to Frankfurt was damned full, and there were a couple of chatty-kathy gurlfriends across the aisle that were kind of creeping me out. Before hitting the hotel I made a detour to one of the pubs in town, and killed a little bit of time.

Hopefully we’ll catch the 7:53 ICE train to Munich and be there by noon. I got out of having to go to Hannover next week, so we’ve got a couple of good days ahead in Munich before seeing our friends in Cologne. This is going to be a fun weekend!

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