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Holy crap! Vonnage service apparently ROCKS!

I picked up my VoIP modem from the post box yesterday, and just plugged it in a few minutes ago. It got put between my cable modem & my router. Plugged everything in, powered up, picked up the handset and got a dial tone. Whoa. Grabbed Chaz's cell phone, set it to silent, and called it through the wired line. CallerID showed my home number!!!! YeeeeeeHAW! Now comes an interminable 8 hours waiting for Chaz to wake up to try to call my number and see if the Vonnage phone catches the call as well. If that works, I tackle rewiring the punchdown box to plug the rest of the regular wired lines in the house into the internet.

I'm bouncing off the walls... technology is so cool sometimes. Maybe I'm jaded by my stuff not working on the first try that this is amazing.

I need more accessories now..


You know how it is if you have one of these Y chromosomes.

You get a new toy, then there's all the things that you later discover you want need. We're wired like that.

By the next long motorcycle ride, I need to get a GPS device that records trips and has the capacity to upload trips/maps to the PC. Wouldn't that be cool?

The three day weekend was Crazy Sexy Cool, with not a lot of laboring going on. Highlight was the motorcycle trip from my place to south austin, then out highway 79 to Llano and a bit beyond. Went with a couple riding buddies, and headed out around 11am. Bit later than I prefer, but one of 'em had something else going on. Outside of Austin we were able to really open up the bikes and took to the hills. I wasn't entirely comfortable with it on the outbound leg, as some of them curves were curvier than I expected. 110 miles each way, some showers on the way bad made it interesting as well. There was some drama with one of the riders, but nothing that wasn't tolerable.

After the ride & a cleanup, Chaz took me out to Roaring Fork at the Stephen F. Austin downtown. It was an awesome meal: bottle of Fall Creek merlot, Green Chili pork stew for starters, seared Ahi tuna over 2 lobster & shiitake enchiladas, and a fresh peach pie ala mode for dessert. Chaz had a crab cake starter, rack of lamb for mains, and a creme brulle for dessert. Unhurried, good service, and stunning sauces. Highly recommended.

Nothing else earth shattering happend otherwise over the holiday: Sunday BBQ with Chaz's family, went out Sunday night. Monday was cleaning up the house a bit, and a party at a neighbors house. A thrill a minute, I tell ya!

I'm shopping for the GPS, so will cut this short.

Clerks sequel..

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